Global Village Academies

GVA Fort Collins Creates New Partnership with UNC and Mandarin Teachers

Global Village Academy Fort Collins will be a field location for teachers from other countries seeking a masters in Multilingual Education through UNC's World Language Licensure program.
The candidates at GVA-FC, like most of the UNC candidates, are seeking a license in Chinese; others will get a license in French, German, Japanese and Russian. Global Village Academy in Northglenn, which offers Russian, is also partnering with UNC.
This is an accelerated program for candidates who are currently teachers in China but who need "immersion" in American teaching.  They want to get as much "hands-on" experience as possible while learning the rationale behind what is being done in areas such as classroom set up, organization, grading systems, small group teaching, tutoring, lesson planning processes/templates, assessment tools and uses.
GVA FC will host six teachers for their practicum, three on Mondays and Wednesdays, three on Tuesday and Thursday through the first week of November. They will assist teachers in all grades.
In January, several of the teachers will return to be full time student teachers for the second half of the school year. 
Many of the Chinese candidates are teachers from the Beijing Royal School, a prestigious PreK-12 international school in Beijing.