Traffic Procedures

AM arrival starts at 7:45 am
  • 2 lanes between parking lot & street: Use two right lanes for drive through, and drop off on the school side curb directly in front of the school. 
  • By school: Form single lane along curb to unload. 
  • Park on right, pass on left 
  • Limited short term parking is available in the parking lot 
  • Please use crosswalk to go from parking lot to school PM 
Pick Up
  • Enter the campus from Ponderosa Drive and proceed toward the school in the two right lanes (the left lane is staff parking).
  • Families will be given a QR code with the family number on it to display
  • Each GVA DC family will be assigned multiple QR codes. 
  • When you pull in, staff will scan your number and the family's number will be displayed on a Google doc for all classrooms to see. When students and teachers see their family's number displayed, they will leave the classroom and go to the West side doors to be dismissed from the building. This will help with congestion at the main doors. 
  • Please use the crosswalk to access the parking lot. 
  • From the West doors, students will load into their cars on the right side, or curb side. 
  • For parents wishing to walk to the school to pick up their child, there will be a "Walk Up Parent Line" in front of the school. 
  • Please line up with your family QR Code. When the QR Code is scanned your family name, time and date will be electronically saved in a Google Doc. 
  • If you do not have your QR code speak with a staff member to receive assistance. Please wait for your child(ren) as they will meet you in the main office area. 
  • Parents will not pick up students from the classroom teacher, as this can slow down dismissal of other students to meet their rides. 
  • Please use crosswalk to go from parking lot to school. 
  • Students attending YMCA after care or ENCORE enrichment classes will be dismissed directly from their last class to their YMCA or ENCORE class.