From the Principal

Building upon the foundation created last year, the staff of Global Village Academy-Douglas County have begun implementing our PBIS program by teaching and modeling what it means to be Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn in all of the different school environments.  The teaching of desired behavior is reinforced every morning in our morning assembly.  In addition, students modeling desired behaviors are recognized with Dragon Hearts!
In addition to providing a platform to model, teach and recognize student behaviors, our morning assembly also provides us a way to relay important information including announcements and lunch choices for the day.  We also build comradery and develop a sense of community when student leaders engage the student body in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the GVA Pledge.  The pride that students have in their school is evident in their enthusiastic responses to our closing cheer- "Who are we?" The Dragons!! "What are we?" Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn-GO DRAGONS!!
Another new process at GVA-DC is the pick-up procedure.  The addition of QR codes to pick-up has added another layer of security to our process.  Each family has a QR code that is unique to them and is difficult to reproduce.  
In the classroom, recent upgrades to our pick-up program allow teachers to view only their class on the google doc to see when their students are scanned. In addition, once scanned, students are identified on-screen as either a walk-up or drive-up pick-up making dismissal more seamless.  We appreciate everyone's patience as we continue to refine this new process!
The attention that is required of teachers in the morning and during afternoon dismissal makes it very difficult to engage in conversations with parents during these times. That is why, beginning this year, we ask parents to contact teachers via phone or email/make appointments to see teachers outside of arrival and dismissal times.  While we understand the convenience associated with drop-in conversations, student safety is one of our top priorities and the safety of children is compromised when teachers are distracted! 
When communicating with staff regarding issues, we ask that parents engage with classroom teachers first.  If the issue is not resolved, we ask that parents contact either Mr. Mike Miller, Assistant Principal at or Stacy Bush at  We are happy to conference over the phone or in person by appointment.  
The first week of school has been amazing and packed full of fun learning opportunities for every student.  The only thing more amazing than the academic growth students have shown in the first few days of school is the growth of our collection of Lost and Found items!!  Please help avoid the loss of student belongings by clearly writing their name (in permanent marker) on all of the items they bring to school.  In the event that something does end up lost, the Lost and Found is wheeled out in front of the building every afternoon before pick-up.  In addition, every Thursday afternoon, teachers will "purge" their classrooms of lost items and add them to the Lost and Found to be claimed on Friday!
Thank you for your continued support!
Stacy Bush
Principal, GVA Douglas County