From the Principal

In addition to the eclipse, GVA-DC was recognized this week by Douglas County School District for its outstanding performance as reported in the 2017 Colorado Achievement and Growth Results. These results include PARCC testing in English Language Arts (ELA) and Math for grades 3-9, Science for grades 5, 8 and high school and Social Studies for grades 4 and 7.  
GVA-Douglas County had The Best Growth scores of any school, charter or public, in Douglas County with scores of 108% increase in Math growth, 68% increase in ELA growth.  
What do these scores mean? A 108% increase in Math growth means that our students grew at least one grade level in one year (on average) and many grew more than one grade level.  In English Language Arts (ELA), a 68% increase in student growth, means that our students grew at least one grade level in ELA.  How do these scores compare to other area schools? GVA-Douglas County had The Best Growth scores of any school, charter or public, in Douglas County!

In addition, student's academic progress was reflected in our Growth Percentile. Academic growth provides information on student progress from year-to-year.  A student's growth percentile (ranging from 1 to 99) indicates how that student's performance changed over time relative to students with similar score histories on state assessments. For example, a student in the 75 percentile means he or she grew as well or better than 75 percent of his or her peers.  At GVA-DC, our Growth Percentile  was 76% in math compared to the state median of 50%. 
While standardized test scores aren't everything, they can be indicative of a strong teaching staff, rigorous curriculum and effective pedagogy.  These scores are also evidence of our supportive parent  and school community.  Together we create a strong learning culture in which our students are Respectful, Responsible and Ready to Learn Every Day.  
So, take a moment to celebrate!  Pat your students (and yourselves) on the back! Congratulate our staff.  And then let's return to work.  As a school community, we are working hard to foster a growth mindset in our teachers, our student and our parents.  
The staff of GVA-DC looks forward to building on this momentum and continuing to grow!!  We invite you to come grow with us!!!
Stacy Bush
Principal, GVA Douglas County