From the Principal

Why? Because it gives our students the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned over the course of the year (academic achievement) and prove how much they have grown academically (growth) since last year. 
This year, our school-wide goals are simple: 100 % participation and an increase in academic achievement and growth in ELA, Math and Science for all of our students in grades 3-6.  Our mantra is "Show What You Know and Be Better Than the Year Before! 
While the hard work of preparing for these standardized tests have already been done, some students may feel anxious or nervous about taking CMAS tests. These students may benefit from bringing their "lovey," a family photo, or a "lucky charm" with them on test day. Pack one in your child's backpack for him/her to have up until he/she steps into the test room. A quick squeeze of a stuffed animal right before the test could help calm your child. 
If you have heard your child call himself/herself "stupid," say he/she  is "just going to fail," in the days leading up to CMAS, teach your child to use affirmations, or positive self-talk, to turn his/her thinking around from debilitating negative offers these examples of affirmations for kids to repeat in their heads while taking deep breaths before and during tests:
  • "I am calm, focused, and smart."
  • "I have worked hard in class and I am prepared."
  • "I am doing the best I can, and my best is terrific."
  • "When angry or stressed, I take deep, slow breaths."
  • "I remember to breathe deeply during my tests."
  • "Being calm helps me to remember more."
  • "I have enough time."
And finally, children thrive on routines. For the next two weeks, try to stick with your usual bedtime and morning routine. Be sure your child gets enough sleep, eats a healthy breakfast, and has healthy snacks during the day. Avoid making special plans the night before the tests; instead, plan a surprise fun activity for the evening after your child finishes CMAS. It's a great way to celebrate and take a collective sigh of relief!
Thank you for partnering with GVA-DC in the education of your child! 
Stacy Bush
Principal, GVA Douglas County