CMAS Assessments begin on Monday, April 9

Students will take one test per day (2018 CMAS Testing Schedule.pdf ).  The remainder of their day will be spent engaged in academic learning. 
The state assessments are aligned with the Colorado Academic Standards and they serve as the only common measuring tool for all students in the state. They are designed to be administered online and feature a variety of interactive questions that are engaging and aligned with 21st century teaching and learning practices. The tests use advanced questioning and performance tasks to provide a snapshot of what students know in relation to the standards.
How can I help prepare my child(ren) for CMAS testing??
Sample items and tasks for mathematics and English language arts, along with a range of supplementary materials and additional resources, are available online at
A practice test for the English language arts and math tests is also available at  These practice tests include technology-enhanced items using the same technology platform that was used for field testing, allowing students and educators to become more familiar with the types of items that will appear on the statewide assessments.
Make sure that children get a good night sleep and eat a healthy breakfast on test days! Also, encourage students to leave all cell phones and personal electronic equipment (including smart watches) at home as they are prohibited
Why is CMAS participation Important?
Participation in CMAS testing is important because results help educators and parents know whether students have mastered the content they need to know by the end of the school year.  The test results allow parents, students and teachers to compare to students across the district and state. In the case of the English language arts and math tests, students and parents can compare performance with students around the country.
Also, we use CMAS results to make improvements to instruction or to develop additional support and enrichment for students who need more help mastering the standards.
This year GVA-DC has a participation goal of 100%
Additional information about CMAS can be found at