From the Principal

Student Dress
Please dress students for the weather.  This includes sunscreen, sunglasses and hats for hot sunny days, and light jackets or rain gear for cooler fall days.  Jackets and sweaters worn throughout the day are considered part of the uniform and should be a solid color and have a GVA logo.  Outerwear worn outdoors only is not considered part of the uniform and therefore DOES NOT need to have a GVA logo.
Morning Drop-off
When dropping-off students in the morning, please use ONLY the center lane.  Proceed through to drop-off students at the curb.
After School Programs
Please remind your students if they are going to ENCORE and/or Innovation Learning each day. 
Welcome New Staff
Melissa Luttrell-Hill
Please join me in welcoming Melissa to GVA-DC.  She will be taking over 6th and 7th Grade ELA/Social Studies for Mrs. DyReyes beginning Tuesday, September 4th.
Pam Bashaw
Pam will move from part-time to full-time beginning Tuesday, September 4th.  She will be taking over 5th Grade English/Math from Mrs. DyReyes. 
Inclement Weather Plans
If bad weather prohibits Morning Meeting from being held outside, students will be directed to their classrooms beginning at 7:45 am.
If weather prevents us from having lunch alfresco, students will eat lunch in their classrooms.  Lunch supervisors will pick-up students eating hot lunch and take them to the cafeteria to purchase lunch.  These students will then return to their classrooms to eat.
If outdoor recess is cancelled due to inclement weather, students will remain in their classrooms for indoor recess.  Bins full of games and coloring pages are available for classrooms.  In addition, teachers are encouraged to promote 10-15 minutes of movement and mindfulness each indoor recess. 
Have an amazing week!  
Stacy Bush,
Principal, GVA Douglas County