Fun Run: Fun Facts

We wanted to share some fun facts about your run with you:
  • As a school you ran 10,331 laps, that equals 645 miles! That’s like running from GVA to Sioux City, IA. Your average was 27.7 laps and your top class was Yang’s 3rd graders with 35 average laps - that earns them extra recess! 
  • We are up to $9,826.25 in donations - that is 39% of your goal! Let's give it that last big Dragon push and hit our goal of $25,000! Remember, donations need to be turned in ASAP!
Your top 3 teachers are:
  • Perez Cardenas K $51.78 Avg $/student
  • Mitchell 4 $43.33 Avg $/student
  • Folkestad 1 $34.05 Avg $/student 
In the "classateria" you'll find each classroom thermometer posted on the wall! Be sure to check out where your class is at! 
We thank everyone who has participated in this year's Fun Run! Money raised will go towards our new STEM program! Have any questions, please reach out to PIC at