From the Board of Directors: Modular Update

Please understand that having to expand our facilities is a great problem. The value of bilingual education is becoming more widely recognized, as is the quality of our teaching staff, driving more individuals to seek us out. You are among those who have the privilege to be a part of this exciting educational opportunity. Expanding our facilities will allow us to better serve you and provide an even better learning environment for our students.
While growth is great, growing is also hard. It takes time and the process we must go through as set out by the Town of Parker is quite involved. We know that it feels like we should be able to roll a couple of modular classrooms on site and be ready to go; that is how we felt too when we started. We quickly learned otherwise.
Given our enrollment fluctuations of the past few years, and our desire to be fiscally responsible, we needed to wait until we had accurate enrollment numbers to actively begin the process. We began in July once we were confident in our student totals, anticipating at best a few weeks, and at worst a few months. Sadly, we underestimated the timeline and should have begun the process sooner.
Now we understand that the typical timeline for a project like this is 7+ months from start to finish. Sadly and frustratingly (because we wanted it to happen quicker), this timeline is holding true for this project as well. We are currently on month 5 and, as such, are projecting the end of February as the timeframe for us to occupy the modulars.
We have learned from this experience and we are already looking at growth beyond these first two modulars buildings. We will do everything in our power to avoid this type of situation occurring again. We also want to applaud our GVA-DC Staff for the best collaboration and teamwork we've ever seen in our 4 years. We all are committed to ensuring our GVA students receive a quality education and that your family has a great experience, even if it does come with a few bumps in the road.
If you have any questions we would encourage you to attend the Board meeting at 6:30 on December 19 for more information, or reach out via email to Debra Wilson at
Thank you,
Your GVA-DC Board of Directors
Debra Wilson
Michael McCarthy
Edsel Clark
Evan Bergam
Chris Young