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Hello, and welcome to the special education website!  
I am Linda Cohan, the special education generalist for Global village Academy.
A Bit About Me
 I think  teaching is in my genes.  My mother, sister and uncle were all teachers.  My childhood hero was Helen Keller.  From the very first time I read her biography, I was hooked on special education.  In elementary school, I taught myself the manual alphabet and a lot of sign language.  I got my bachelor's degree in elementary education in 1980 from the University of Houston, and a master's degree from the University of Colorado, Denver in 1991.  I have been teaching since 1981, and have been a special ed. teacher since 1993.  I have taught both in Texas and Colorado.  This is my first year at Global Village Academy, and I am thrilled to be here! 
As a special education generalist, my job is to work with students who have mild moderate needs.  This can include students with all types of disabilities, but most often with students who have learning disabilities of some type.  Of course, I am not the only member of the special education team.  We have a Speech Language Pathologist, Holly Armour and her licensed assistant Morgan Gradashar; Lesa Gerlach, our Occupational Therapist, and Anna Balducki, our Psychologist.  All of these teachers are itinerant, and are only here one day a week, with the exception of Anna, who is here when needed.   We also have a School Social Worker, Roxane Lewis, who is here Tuesday through Thursday.  While I am probably the best initial contact person, since I am the only one who is here full - time, all of us are ready and willing to help at any time.