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Staff Expectations

We expect all GVA Aurora staff will:

  1. Exemplify the high expectations of the school and hold colleagues and staff accountable.
  2. Be consistent in procedures across the school, creating a safe and inclusive environment which fosters learning for all students.
  3. Enthusiastically use each day to its fullest, with authentic and relevant learning opportunities.
  4. Create a safe and welcoming environment, free of judgment, fostering caring relationships wherein students feel safe to learn and share.
  5. Expect the best from ourselves and students.
  6. Be a professional with a growth mindset; open to suggestions from peers in difficult situations, be present and positive with coworkers/teammates, approach professional development with an desire to learn.
  7. Be a role model for everyone in the building. 
  8. Treat ALL students as OUR students
  9. Be involved in the school community.