Health and Wellness

Medications for students

  • If you have listed a health condition for your student we must have medication at the school with all medical forms or a signed refusal form. Medical forms must be signed by a doctor before we can give any medication. 
  • All medication must be in original prescription labeled box or labeled store bought box.
  • Please note the medication given to us must be exactly the same medicine that is written on the medication form. 
  • The medicine must be the same as listed on the medical form ( Example: generic Tylenol can't be brought in for the actual brand name Tylenol if that is what is listed)


  • Our school is not a self- carry school, which means all inhalers must be in the health office with a medication form.

Tylenol or Motrin 

  • We have a lot of students that come to office with headaches and end up going home.
  • We do not have Tylenol or Motrin here at the school.
  • If your student suffers from headaches, cramps etc.. please make sure to get a medical form and follow the instructions above for having medication at the school. 
  • Please be aware that students may not bring in any type of medication to take throughout the day. Example: cough drops, eye drops, cold medicine, allergy pills 

Immunizations Records

  • 2018-19 K-12th Grade School Required Immunizations
  • Immunization records are a required document we must have on file at the school.
  • Students must be up to date on all shots or a waiver signed if you have chosen not to vaccinate your student.
  • Students will not be able to come to school until we receive the immunization records or wavier starting in the new school year.
  • We will contact all families that are not up to date on their immunizations.
  • Current 5th-grade students that will be in 6th grade the following year need to get the TDAP shot over summer break and we need the updated record

Common Questions & Answers

Can my student carry their own inhaler? 

  • No, we are a school that does not allow students to carry own inhalers. The inhaler must be turned into the Health Parra with Asthma Action Plan signed by a doctor.

Can my student bring in own medications when they have a cold? (Example: cough drops, cold medicine) 

  • No, all Medications that come to school must have Dr.’s orders in order for them to take at school.

My student get ’s headaches can I have Motrin at school for them?

  • Yes, as long as we have written doctor orders. You can get Medical forms online or at the school.

If my student has Asthma but does not use the inhaler do I have to have an inhaler at school?

  • No, you don’t but a refusal form must be signed off by the Dr. and Parent.

Medical Forms


Forms for Download: