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Birthday Celebration Policy

Birthdays/Food in Classrooms
In order to protect class instructional time, birthdays will be celebrated once a month on international half days.  
  • For example, if your child’s birthday falls in January, your child will celebrate their birthday on the international half day in January.
  • All summer birthdays will be combined with May birthdays.
  • Only foods that are individually, commercially wrapped may be distributed.
  • Foods made at home may not be distributed within the school.
  • If your child wants to bring a birthday treat, encourage them to bring in a healthy snack or even better; bring an item for the classroom such as a classroom book (signed and dated by your child) or other classroom supplies such as pencils, erasers, etc.  
The reason for this strict policy is because of the growing number of students who struggle with food allergies, diabetes, and childhood obesity.
  • Individually packaged items that would be considered healthy snacks include: pretzels, baked crackers, and granola bars.
We are strongly encouraging families to send non-food items.