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Inclement Weather Procedures

Inclement Weather Procedures
Please review information below regarding three school closure situations due to weather or other reasons:
  • School closure
  • Delayed start
  • Early release
Please note: If all schools are open, announcements may not be sent to parents or the media. Please do not call school for information.
School Closures Due to Weather, Road Conditions:
  • Decisions about weather-related school closures are made by 5:30 a.m.
  • Parents and media outlets are notified immediately.
  • Parents and staff will be notified by email, GVA Facebook page will post info as will the PSD website.  Please keep your email and phone information current.
  • Media outlets notified: Parents may tune in to local radio and television stations to find out about school closures. Spanish radio stations KGRE 1450AM and KJJD 1170AM will also be notified for Spanish-speaking families.
  • A.S. K. Program  When schools are closed,  A.S.K. (Before and After School Enrichment) will be closed.

Delayed Start of Schools Due to Weather, Road Conditions:
  • If bad weather or questionable road conditions exist, GVA may implement a delayed start of all schools by 2 hours. Delayed start decisions are usually made by 5:30 a.m.
  • Parent and staff will be notified by email, the GVA Facebook page will post info as will the PSD website. Local media will also have delayed start information.
  • Bus pick up times will be 2 hours later than regularly scheduled pick-up times. Traffic and road conditions may increase travel time for buses. Please dress your child warmly in case of a longer wait time. Parents are encouraged to walk their children to bus stops and avoid walking along the roadways. Sidewalks are safer even if these areas are not cleared of snow.
  • Drop off and arrival times are 2 hours later than regular arrival times for students being dropped off by parents or walking to school. Do not arrive earlier.
  • A.S. K. Program  (Before and After School Enrichment) will open as normally scheduled for students attending these programs.
  • School dismissal times will remain on regular schedules, including bus drop-off times in neighborhoods and parent pick-up times at schools.
Early Release of Schools Due to Weather, Road Conditions:
  • If the weather suddenly changes to adverse conditions, GVA may decide to release students early. Parents are urged to develop a plan for the possibility of their student’s early release home.
  • Parent notification: When GVA makes a decision to close schools earlier than the regularly-scheduled release times, parents will be notified by phone. Please make sure family contacts and telephone numbers are current at your child’s school. In addition, media outlets and the PSD website (www.psdschools.org) will have information about early release information, as will the GVA Fort Collins Facebook page.
  • A.S. K. Program (Before and After School Enrichment) will not be available after school if schools release students early.
Media outlets notified include:

Television Stations:
  • Channel 4 (CBS4/KCNC Denver)
  • Channel 5 (CBS 5 Northern Colorado)
  • Channel 7 (7 News KMGH)
  • Channel 9 (9 News KUSA)
  • PSD Channel 10 (Comcast Cable/US Cable)
  • Channel 13 (Fox 31)
Print Media:
  • Fort Collins Coloradoan
  • Greeley Tribune
  • Denver Post
Radio Stations:
  • KCOL 600 AM
  • KCSU 90.5 FM
  • KFKA 1310 AM
  • KGRE 1450 AM
  • KISS 96.1 FM
  • KJJD 1170 AM
  • KKQZ 94.3 FM
  • KOA 850 AM
  • KOOL 105 FM
  • KQOF 1410 AM
  • KRFC 88.9 FM
  • KUNC 91.5 FM
  • TRI 102 102.5 FM
Spanish Radio Stations:
  • KGRE 1450 AM
  • KJJD 1170 AM