Academic Program » English


The focus in Middle School English at Global Village over three years is based on the Colorado Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, and Communicating as follows:

  • Oral Expression and Listening, which includes effective group discussions, formal presentations, communication skills, and interviewing techniques.
  • Reading for All Purposes, which includes comprehension and interpretation of literary, fictional, informational, and persuasive texts as well as the role of purpose, context, tone, grammar, word choice, literary components, and organizing structure.
  • Writing and Composition, which includes writing in different genres: literary, narrative, informational, and persuasive texts that includes attention to the ideas expressed, the style of the specific genre, and organization, as well as editing writing to incorporate proper grammar, usage, mechanics, and clarity of expression.
  • Research and Reasoning, which includes individual and group research projects involving obtaining and analyzing information from a variety of sources and then organizing, documenting, and presenting the information in a reasoned way.