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Social Studies

Global Village social studies for middle school over three years are grounded in our approach called Global Studies. Our approach is based on the Colorado Academic Standards for Social Studies as follows:

  • History, which includes exploring multiple historical sources with different points of view to understand historical eras, individual groups, ideas and themes in the Western Hemisphere, the Eastern Hemisphere, and the United States from the American Revolution through Reconstruction following the Civil War.
  • Geography, which includes learning to use geographic tools and maps to gather data, make inferences and predictions, ask questions, solve problems, understand the interaction of people, places, and environments, and to explore the interconnected nature of the world and its variables.
  • Economics, which includes identifying and analyzing different economic systems, developing personal financial literacy (PFL) that includes saving and investing, and personal credit and debt, and exploring the influence of supply and demand on price and profit in a market economy, economic freedom, and free trade.
  • Civics, which includes exploration of different systems of government and international organizations; the interconnection and influence of the United States with other countries; the ways in which different nations define the rights, responsibilities and roles of citizens; the place of law in a constitutional system; and the continuity and change in the United States government and the role of citizens over time.