Academic Program » Electives


Global Village Middle School offer electives to enrich educational offerings available to students. Students can take an elective if they are on grade level academically in English and Mathematics. If they are not on grade level in either of these two subjects, then they must take an intervention class in either subject as their elective.

Global Village Middle School uses an Elective’s Wheel where a student chooses an elective each quarter. Please check with the campus in which you are interested to see which electives are being offered.


Global Village offers technology as an elective to support students in developing proficiency in this area in terms of 21st century skills including information technology and media technology.

The Arts

Global Village Middle School places a high value on the arts. Campuses offer art, drama, and/or music.

Physical Education

Global Village uses the acclaimed Middle School physical education program developed by SPARK (Sports, Play & Active Recreation for Kids). The program is wide ranging and covers many activities and sports including: fitness, basketball, dance, jump rope, racquets and paddles, soccer, track, volleyball, world games, and flying disc. SPARK is aligned with Colorado’s Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Standards that were adopted in December 2009, as well as the National Association of Sport and Physical Education (NASPE) Standards for Physical Education and the NASPE Guidelines for Physical Activity. The curriculum also includes Multicultural and Global Education aspects.