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Unique Learning Environment

Global Village is a unique learning environment designed to ensure success for every student.

  • We are large enough to offer an engaging experience, while small enough so that no student gets lost.
  • We expect and support academic excellence through effective instruction, teaching study and test-taking skills, time management, individual goal setting by students, interventions, Project-Based Learning, our school counseling program, and other supports.
  • We value diversity, and that is reflected in our student body and in our faculty.
  • We understand the importance of technology, which is why every student is provided a laptop or a Chromebook.
  • We support students in learning a second language. For students new to the Global Village system in Middle School, this will often be Spanish. For students who have attended a Global Village elementary school, they can continue with the world language that they have been taking, or change to a new world language.
  • In addition to learning a second language, Global Village helps students develop cultural competence so that they can function effectively in diverse settings.
  • Our use of Project-Based Learning is a proven way of engaging Middle School students in learning, while helping them develop authentic 21st century skills.
  • Community connections, service learning, and travel programs are a way of bringing the world into the classroom.
  • We encourage increasing autonomy in decision-making to help students make good choices as they imagine and shape their future.
  • We create community among students, faculty, and parents knowing that it takes a village to support young people in this formative time of their lives.