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Global Village places a high value on athletics for Middle School students. In The Importance of School Sports in American Education and Socialization, Ronald Jeziorksi wrote about the importance and significant benefits of school sports in secondary schools. Athletics empower youth and promote higher self-esteem. They also motivate students, promote mental alertness, help them earn better grades, emphasize the importance of teamwork, teach skills, and contribute to health and wellness. Sports can be the foundation of a life-long healthy lifestyle. In middle school, sports should include the following

  • Exploration rather than specialization
  • Strengthening of fundamental skills
  • Teamwork and sportsmanship
  • Meaningful relationships
  • Health and safety
  • Resiliency, responsibility, and accountability
  • Continuing opportunities to play and
  • Transitioning to high school athletic programs for interested students

Global Village is informed by a guiding document called Sports Done Right that was developed in the state of Maine in 2006. Sports Done Right’s core principles are aligned under seven categories: philosophy, values, and sportsmanship; sports and learning; parents and community; quality of coaching; opportunity to play; health and fitness; and leadership, policy, and organization. Within each category, there are both general and specific guidelines to follow. Of note, Sports Done Right, recommends that

  • A quality sports program should be learning-based with a philosophy that puts the needs of the student-athlete first.
  • Sports are conducted as preparation for life rather than for the limited opportunities for college scholarships or professional careers.
  • Coaches are educators, first and foremost. They must have excellent qualifications and training.
  • Athletics are co-curricular activities and integral to the total education program.
  • Learning in sports is closely linked to learning in the classroom. 

Global Village offers sports for girls and boys and these include, depending on the school, volleyball, basketball, soccer, and cross country. The teams participate in different leagues open to charter schools and independent schools like the Denver Charter Athletic School.