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1st Grade

1st Grade

Throughout the school year, your student will be attending School Counseling lessons. This year we are using the Second Step Program. Second Step is an evidenced-based social - emotional curriculum. On this page, you will find what lessons they will be learning as well as "Home Links" so you can continue their learning and growing at home.


To access Home Link, please visit https://www.secondstep.org/Create-Account?returnurl=https. You will need to add the activation code for your grade and create an account.


September 11:

Lesson topic: Empathy and Respect

Why this lesson matters: Students who accurately identify emotions tend to be less aggressive and more accepted by peers, and tend to have better social skills. Students with high emotional understanding at the beginning of elementary school are more likely to show academic gains by age nine than those with lower emotional understanding.

Another important part of empathy is learning to understand the situational causes of people’s emotions. Becoming better at identifying their own and others’ feelings through physical, environmental, and situational clues builds a solid foundation for the development of student’s empathy and compassion.