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2nd Grade

2nd Grade

Throughout the school year, your student will be attending School Counseling lessons. This year we are using the Second Step Program. Second Step is an evidenced-based social - emotional curriculum. On this page, you will find what lessons they will be learning as well as "Home Links" so you can continue their learning and growing at home.


To access Home Link, please visit https://www.secondstep.org/Create-Account?returnurl=https. You will need to add the activation code for your grade and create an account.


September 25

Lessons Topic: Identifying Feelings

Why this lesson matters: The ability to identify others’ feelings using physical, verbal, and situational clues is essential to developing empathy. Being able to label feelings as comfortable or uncomfortable lays the foundation for coping effectively with difficult emotions. Accurately identifying others’ feelings helps students make friends and avoid conflicts with peers.


Elementary students may also misinterpret how someone else feels if they assume others react and feel the same way they would. Understanding that people can have different feelings in similar situations, and that these feelings can change, help student develop empathy and perspective taking-key prerequisites for compassion, conflict avoidance, and success with peers.