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Small Groups

Throughout the school year, small groups will be offered for targeted instruction to help students be successful in school. Small groups may include: problem solving, skills for learning, friendship skills, etc. These groups typically consist of 2-8 students for about 20-30 minutes a week. Groups usually run for 4-6 weeks.

Teachers typically refer the students to the small groups based on observations of students and conversations they have with parents. Though, parents can make requests for their student to participate in a small group.

For students to participate in a small group, a permission slip is required by the legal guardians. If parent/guardians are separated, but both hold educational rights, then both parents/guardians must sign a permission slip.

Make sure you check your child’s folder to look out for small group permission slips.

*Please note small groups are for educational purposes only. So your child may develop targeted skills. Small groups are not therapy. Keeping the confidentiality of group members is a prerequisite of group participation.  While I cannot guarantee group members will keep each other’s confidences, I speak with the children about not sharing any personal information that arises during group with anyone else.