Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter-2nd  Chinese

Nov.12th –Nov.16th , 2018

Here are some important events:

  • Please remind your kid to bring the math workbook back on Mondays
  • Chinese reading homework is assigned online com
  • Thanks Giving Break will be from Nov.19th –Nov.25th for students, and PD day on Monday-Nov.19th.


We’ll finish Lesson 4 of Unit 2 about feelings

-We’ll learn words, phrase and grammar structure from the new lesson

-We’ll do daily sentences.

-We’ll practice lesson content within centers



-We’re finishing Topic 4 from envision math

-We’re learning 2 digit and 3 digit addition

-We’re doing our daily math practice and word problem



The homework for this week is-

Day                                         Math                                Chinese

Monday                            Envision Math        IChinese Reader

Tuesday                             Envision Math        IChinese Reader

Wednesday                       Envision Math        IChinese Reader

Thursday                          Envision Math        IChinese Reader

Friday                                No Homework         No Homework