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Bienvenidos a la clase de Español de 4to y 5to Grado de la maestra Vivian!








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Mitchell/Grantham Auction Basket

For the first annual auction event, Havana Nights, classrooms have been paired to create beautiful gift baskets to be featured at the event. 

Mitchell and Grantham, 4th PM classes will be creating a "Grillers Delight" gift basket. All donations are tax deductible. Donations can be dropped off in the office's Auction box during school hours.  Please mark your donations with the PM teacher's name so it can be put in the appropriate basket. Items must be in by March 1.

Grantham & Mitchell bit.ly/gvagmcb

Classroom Auction Baskets are almost ready to be assembled! If your sign up is full and you still want to donate, please check one of the other sign ups to help out!

Thanks again for your support of our first auction event! We can't wait to share all the amazing auction items available for bid! Keep your eyes peeled for more info on some cool stuff in the next newsletter!


Starting next week, our students will take the STAMP assessment to measure language proficiency in their immersion language. The testing window is from Feb 25, 2019 to March 15, 2019.


STAndards-based Measurement of Proficiency, short STAMP assessment, measures proficiency for listening, speaking, reading and writing. This adaptive test provides data around student progress and program development. Students in 1st through 7th grades will be assessed using the STAMP.


This new assessment will be a great experience for our students!