After growing up in Pennsylvania, I attended Colorado State University where I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management. After college I worked in sales briefly before opening my own business where we designed logos and also embroidered garments. The market downturn of 2008 forced us to close down our business, so I moved back to Pennsylvania and sold life and health insurance until I saved up enough money to move back to Colorado. While I was in Pennsylvania, I also earned my stock broker’s license and met my future wife. Once I was back in Colorado I took the Praxis exam so I could teach Math, but finding a teaching job in Fort Collins was very difficult. In 2015 I moved to Denver and was hired by Denver Math Fellows to tutor math to small groups at Kepner Middle School. After half a year I became the full time 8th grade math teacher there, but as Kepner was in the process of closing, I had to find a teaching job somewhere else for 2016-17. I chose Global Village due to the small class size and the school's focus on language immersion. I was also excited for the opportunity to coach, and am currently the head coach for flag football and baseball. This past summer my wife and I had our first child (a girl), and we are over the moon with excitement. I am very happy to be a part of the Global Village team and I am looking forward to the upcoming school year!


This year in class, we will be solidifying students’ number sense and solving for unknown variables, as well as using graphs to describe functions. We will use geometry, but most of the time we will be concentrating on graphs of functions.

The breakdown is as follows:

Unit 1: Exponents and Scientific Notation

Unit 2: Simplifying expressions (combining similar terms)

Unit 3: Irrational Numbers

Unit 4: Inverse Operations (one solution/no solution/infinite solutions)

Unit 5: Graphs and Linear Functions

Unit 6: Data Distribution & Scatter Plots

Unit 7: Systems of Equations

Unit 8: Congruence & Similarity

Unit 9: Geometry and Pythagorean Theorem


Extra Units (if time)

Statistics and Probability

Factoring & Graphing Quadratic functions

Constructing Equations