Art Curriculum

Each class rotates through the five specials throughout the week. When a class walks into the art classroom, one student is chosen to lead a See-Think-Wonder critique of a famous artist's work. Usually it's related to the activity or artist of focus for that day.
Most of our art units will center on the countries featured during our International Day celebrations. This year GVA-Aurora has chosen to focus on Canada, Mexico, China, Morocco New Zealand, Spain, and France. Though we may not be able to cover EVERY country during our art classes, you can be sure to check out art representing at most of them during our International Day and Cultural celebrations.


First, Second, and Third Graders will begin the year with a collaborative mural inspired by street artist Kelsey Montague. Then all classes will create a variety of Abstract Dots inspired by The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. We watch this video in class based on the book of the same name: