Weekly Newsletter

Passport to Canada!


3rd graders are busy finishing up their dot weavings for International Dot Day this Saturday, September 15th.


1st and 2nd grade classes are creating work inspired by other Canadian artists. 2nd graders began an animal drawing inspired by the work of Norval Morrisseau. They followed a directed drawing of a Canadian animal (moose, raccoon, wolf, snowshoe hare, bear) and traced their lines with glue on black paper. Next week they will use vibrant chalk pastels to color in the spaces similar to Morrisseau's work.


1st graders explored totem poles created by the Haia people of Canada. They used cut paper and color sticks in the colors of the Haida people (red, white, black, and turquoise) to create an animal face.


Kindergartners are busy working on painting techniques. We have been learning about ROY G BIV and rainbow order. Ask students about giving their brush a bad hair day!