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About Me

My name is Alina Kirsch-Moffitt, and I am 37 years old. I was born in Romania, raised in Germany, and have lived in the US for the past 10 years.  I speak three languages fluently (Romanian, German and English).
I was educated in Germany. I majored in Physical Therapy with a minor in Special Education. I worked in schools with teachers and a team of therapists that I was in charge of helping children with (physical, emotional or cognitive) development. I loved this job! Once my husband crossed my path - a new detour was created. We married, and moved to the US where I discovered my education did not have the same value in America. In other words - my world collapsed and I had to restructure my career path. I concluded that this simply meant that I must learn a new profession that I am passionate about.
In the educational field, you are given the opportunity to shape, model and create intellectual individuals that will make decisions based on their education - in other words, teachers play a huge part in shaping, modeling and creating the future of our world.
Having children of my own has given me the support, strength, and inspiration to follow my passion that I have always had-teaching!  I am blessed with the opportunity to teach German at GVA in communication, reading and writing!