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Parent-Teacher Conferences

Please make sure to sign up for your student's conference. Conferences are October 11 and 12. Please click https://www.signupgenius.com/go/60b0d4ca5a72ca4fc1-4thgrade to go to my signup genius to select your day and time. If your student has Mrs. Tan, she has requested that you schedule your conference on Thursday, October 11th, as she will be out on Friday, October 12. Also, if you select the same time and day for both English and Immersion conference, your conference will be with both teachers at the same time. Thank you so much!

Week of 10/16/2017

Hello Families!
Our schedule looks different this week because we are taking our writing assessment Monday-Wednesday. We hope that all students will finish by Wednesday and we will return to our normal schedule on Thursday. Here is what is happening this week.
ELA- We are wrapping up the last week of our current theme, "What are the places you love"? The students have learned a lot about what they like and dislike as well as what others like and dislike. This week, we are comparing and contrasting the 5 books we read during this theme and noting differences and similarities in two or more texts. Our spelling pattern for this week is "Long E and I spelled as Y" and our spelling words for this week are:
1. daddy
2. fry
3. furry
4. glossy
5. hurry
6. myself
7. nearby
8. shiny
9. sky
10. spy
11. steady
Bonus Words
13. catch
14. watch
Math- We are in Topic Two of our Math Resource! We are working on Multiplying by 0,1, 2,5,9 and 10. We completed our Topic One Unit Test last week and will share those with you during Parent-Teacher Conferences
Writing- We are finishing up our final opinion writing and will be heading into Informative writing after Fall Break. 
Social Studies- We just completed learning about the different types of communities and wrote an opinion paragraph on the best community to live in. After break, we will dive into learning about Our Environment.
Hope everyone has a good evening and I will see you all at Parent-Teacher Conferences next week!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Hello Families!
Just a reminder that Madam Charlotte sent out Memos and contacted you by email to make sure that you sign up for Parent-Teacher Conferences next week!  Parent-Teacher Conferences will be on Monday, October 23 and 23, 2017. Please use our signup genius at http://www.signupgenius.com/go/508054ea4ab29abf49-student or you can use the form that is posted outside of Madam Charlotte's classroom. You can even call and let one of us know which day and time works best for your schedule. 
Hope to see you all next week at Parent-Teacher Conferences where your child will tell you how he/she is doing! 
Ms. Small

Week of 10/02/2017

Good evening, Parents!
This week we will start Read Naturally, a program proven to increase reading fluency and comprehension.
Math- During our Math block this week, we will be finishing 1-7 of Topic 1, reviewing for Topic 1 Assessment and on Friday, we will be taking an Assessment on Topic 1.
Grammar- We will be focusing on Mentor Sentences this week by reading the book, "First Day Jitters" which focuses on simple sentences, adjectives and possessives.
Writing- During writing this week, we will continue to focus on opinion writing. We will be editing, revising and making a final copy of our topic.
ELA- During our English block, we will focus on compare and contrast, our spelling pattern is compound words, our sight words:half, known, pattern,street, system and our vocabulary words: crater, carved, invaded, industrialized, champion and border.
Please remember that weekly homework is due on Thursday.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if there are any questions or concerns.
Have a great week!

Spirit week

This week is Spirit week! Your student may dress in the theme for the day, except for Wednesday when they will be required to dress in GVA uniform for our field trip.

Important Information

Good evening!
Just a reminder that this week is spirit week! Please see the Spirit Week flyer for the themes. 
Our field trip is this Wednesday, October 4, 2017! We will be leaving at 9:00 p.m. and will return at 2:00 p.m. Please have your child wear their GVA uniform. The reason behind this is because it is a school activity so all students need to be in u inform and also for ease in identifying GVA students. 

Morning Class
7:45-8:00- Morning Work
8:00-8:15- Morning Meeting
8:15-9:15- Math
9:30-11:00- English
11:00-11:30- Lunch
Afternoon Class
11:30-11:45- P.M. Meeting
11:45-12:15- Math
12:15-1:00- Specials
1:00-1:30- Math
1:30-3:20- English
3:20-3:30- Clean up/ Dismissal