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Class Rules

These are the expectations we come up in class together. Please ask your child to read these to you and explain what they mean in our classroom, and then discuss how following them will ensure a successful learning year at GVA.

  • Be Safe: Walk in the normal speed all the time in the classroom; Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself; Sit properly on the chair.
  • Be Respectful: Take care of personal and school property; Listen closely and keep eyes on the speaker; All voices off when someone is speaking; Raise hands before speaking; Treat others the way I want to be treated.
  • Be Responsible: Follow directions the first time they are given; Have all the materials ready for the class; Complete and turn in homework on time.
  • Ready to Learn: Attend class on time; Ask questions when don’t understand; Participate and complete classroom activities.



We have a Positive Behavior Support plan in our school. We would like to work with students to help them make better choices. Students will be given warnings and fill out an ABC Form to write down what bad choices they have made and what should do next time. If a third warning is given, the students will fill out an ABC Form and parents will be called. If poor behavior has become a routine, the parents will be notified and a behavior plan will be put in place. We will also give detentions after school if the student has 3 or more  ABC Forms in one week. We will inform you with details in advance if a detention is given to your child.



Students who can follow classroom directions are owning points on ClassDojo. Students would be able to redeem their points for small toys, pencils or reward certificates on the last Friday of each month and the biggest reward at the end of the semester .


Please check Friday Fold for their performance. Thank you!