Matthew Link » Welcome!


This year, our units will focus primarily on the aspects of human society and culture. The definition of the humanities subject is "how people process and document the human experience. Below is an overview of our year in 8th grade Humanities:


  •       Unit 1 Text Structures and Features
  •       Unit 2 American Revolution
  •       Unit 3 My Brother Sam (NS)
  •      Unit 4 Westward Expansion
  •       Unit 5 Argument/Opinion Writing
  •       Unit 6 Civil War/Reconstruction
  •       Unit 7 Research Writing
  •       Unit 8 To Kill a Mockingbird (NS)
  •       Unit 9 World War I/ Great Depression
  •       Unit 10 The Circuit (NS)
  •       Unit 11 World War II
  •       Unit 12 The Outsiders (NS)
  •       Unit 13 Figurative Language


I am really looking forward to working with your student this year! Please contact me with any questions you have, and I look forward to meeting you all.