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Hola! My name is Sonia Breustedt and I am very excited to be teaching Spanish at GVA this year!
I was born in Lima, Peru and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Translation and Interpretation with a major in English & Spanish.
I am also about to obtain a Master's degree in Education with focus on English as a Foreign Language from the International Iberoamerican University in Puerto Rico.  
My passion for teaching began in 2010 when I started teaching Spanish to students from all over the world at a private university in Lima. Since then I have been teaching young learners from middle school through college. I love seeing the incredible growth in my students and being an advocate for them.
I enjoy cooking, reading, and traveling with my husband to visit his family in Germany and Spain and my family in Peru. We always say our family is international and we consider ourselves citizens of the world.
I look forward to meeting all of my students and to working with them!
Ms. Sonia Breustedt