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Rosetta Stone and Global Village Academy

To help our students continue to master their chosen language, GVA is excited to offer all of our students access to Rosetta Stone, as part of our world language curriculum.

Did You Know?

The GVA website is rich with information, yet many parents tend to only read the content on their particular home school pages

Each month, we will introduce you to different section or feature of our website that you might not be familiar with.

What is the Summer Slide?

Are you worried that your child will “unlearn” what they learned this past school year? The term “Summer Slide” refers to this problem-students forgetting important learning they studied in the months before. Reading and math skills seem to suffer the most.

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Latest Enrollment News

Is Language Immersion Right for My Child?

Chances are, as a parent of a Global Village Academy student, you have asked yourself this question at least once, if not a few times. For some parents, they seize the opportunity to have their child enrolled at a language immersion school with gusto and some are a bit more reserved and questioning, even after enrollment.

Your Child Can Learn a 2nd Language this Summer!

Global Village World Exploration Camp begins June 6th for kids ages 3-12 years of age.

Choose from 7 locations throughout the Front Range. Your child does not need to be enrolled at Global Village Academy or GVI Preschool.

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