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Great News for Charter Schools in Colorado!

House Bill 17-1375 passed the Senate today and will now head to the Governor's Office for signature. This is incredibly significant and a huge win for Colorado's charter schools! Click here for a summary of HB 17-1375.

What does the passage of HB 17-1375 mean for charter public schools and their students?
  • It means we are one step closer to ensuring that charter public school students are never treated, or funded, as if they are worth less than other public school students. 
  • It means that districts can no longer discriminate on the basis of the type of public school a student attends when it comes to distribution of local tax dollars.
  • It means that, finally, district charter public school students across the state will receive a share of local mill levy override dollars that is more in line with what traditional public school students are receiving. 
This could not have happened without you! In the past few weeks hundreds of emails were sent to legislators reminding them that no child is worth less than another. Because of you, Colorado's elected officials heard loud and clear that charter public school students deserve equal funding for their public education. They also heard loud and clear that charter school parents are taxpayers and that their children are not worth less based on the type of public school they attend. 
Thank you for standing up for Colorado's charter public school kids! 
We will provide a comprehensive explanation of the bill's details in the coming days. But rest assured this is a huge victory for the Colorado charter school community. 
Dan Schaller
Director of Governmental Affairs
Colorado League of Charter Schools