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Global Village Academy Aurora Raises Money to Send Girls to School in Congo

For the last two school years, GVA Aurora has allowed students to wear jeans to school for a $1 on certain Fridays. The money collected is donated to an organization that helps girls in the Democratic Republic of Congo attend school. Without financial support, these girls would not be able to attend school.

Already this school year, the students and teachers have raised $1070 for the Muanjadi Organization. This is enough money to send 14 girls to school next year. Last year, GVA Aurora was able to sponsor 35 girls.
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Did You Know?

The GVA website is rich with information, yet many parents tend to only read the content on their particular home school pages

Each month, we will introduce you to different section or feature of our website that you might not be familiar with.
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What is the Summer Slide?

Are you worried that your child will “unlearn” what they learned this past school year? The term “Summer Slide” refers to this problem-students forgetting important learning they studied in the months before. Reading and math skills seem to suffer the most.
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GVA Aurora Scholars Honored

Honoring the students of Aurora:
Since 2009, the city of Aurora has honored one student from each grade in every school building in Aurora in a citywide ceremony with the city's mayor and city council, school superintendents and other designees. Students receive a certificate and gifts donated by the community.
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