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GVA Fort Collins: 2019-20 Returning Students Form

Please complete the form below. Required fields marked *

It is important that this form is completed by November 16, 2018. Failure to do so by this date may result in the loss of the student’s place next year! 

Preference is given to the siblings of the currently enrolled students whenever possible. A sibling is defined as a child living in the same home and sharing the same guardian. Please complete an Intent to Enroll for new students/ siblings found here.

 A non-refundable material fee of $30.00 for the first student and an additional $15.00 for each additional sibling must be paid to complete your Intent to Return form. You can pay online here.  If your child qualifies for free lunch, the material fee is waived. 


Will your child(ren) be returning for the 2019-20 school year?*
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Currently Enrolled Students Re-Enrolling (or not returning) for the 2019-2020 School Year



Please complete the following for any siblings who will begin attending Global Village Academy next year for the first time. This section is for sibling only. Siblings 2nd grade and above must pass the language assessment test in order to enroll. 

Sibling Information:

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