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What is the GVAC?

The Global Village Academy Collaborative (GVAC) is a public, nonprofit organization, authorized under Colorado statute. Its purpose is to provide centralized services for member schools, ensure educational program fidelity, and support the network’s mission and vision.
The GVAC is similar to a school district in that it is nonprofit and provides centralized administrative support services based on the needs of individual schools. However, the GVAC is more collaborative than a school district in that each individual academy has a local site Board that manages its own budget, staff, and operations.
  • Local boards also have three voting members on the central GVAC Board.
  • An individual building in a school District does not have control of a comprehensive budget, nor do the District Board members represent individual schools.
The GVAC is also unique in that as it replicates the Global Village Educational model, creating new Academies, it becomes the sole nonprofit corporate member of each new academy.
The GVAC is also unique and unlike Charter School Management Organizations (CMOs) in that, it does not manage its network schools. In fact, directors of each local school board also serve as the majority on the GVAC Board.
Global Village Academies are located throughout Colorado in the following cities: