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Services Provided by the GVAC

The GVAC develops, implements, and sustains efficient centralized services for its member public schools. 

These include:
  • All Human Resource Services
  • All Staff Recruiting Management Services
  • Marketing and Media Advertising Services
  • All Website and Online Communication Services
  • Legal Services Provided by Legal Counsel
  • Facilities and Site Support
  • Facilities Financing Coordination
  • All Technology Infrastructure Management
  • Procurement Services for Curriculum and Capital Items
  • Curriculum and Materials Development 
  • All Financial Management
  • Payroll Services
  • Insurance and Benefits Administration
  • Professional Development
  • Network Policy Development
  • Local Governing Board Support
  • Compliance Support
  • Data and Assessment Evaluation
  • Administrator Academic and Operational Mentoring
  • Grant Writing and Administration
  • State and National Networking
  • Alternative Teacher Licensing
  • New school start-up support