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GVCC Expenses & Revenue

Revenue Sources
While the majority of GVCC funding comes from its member schools sharing the costs, during the past year the GVCC was able to lower its member school shared costs by more than $200,000 in revenues received from grants, donations, the GVI Preschool network, and new school start-up fees.
Shared Costs
As a public charter school, each Global Village Academy receives an average of $6,700 per pupil in state funds.

The costs for GVCC services are shared by each of the schools based on a percentage of their respective general fund revenues. The GVCC Board, which includes voting members from each local school’s Board, has currently established the cost sharing amount at eight percent.

Similarly sized Colorado school districts in 2013 paid an average of 16.2% more per pupil for comparable central administrative services. (Source: CDE financial reports for school districts with total enrollment of 2,400 to 3,200 students)