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GVA Educational Model

Any growing organization must review its progress and evaluate its performance in the context of its mission and vision. New state of Colorado requirements regarding early reading skills have made this evaluation especially critical.
The combined instructional leadership teams of all five academies and the executive leadership group have begun gathering data, analyzing current instructional practices, and seeking an outside review of the overall performance of the GVA instructional model.
While the data has shown that local GVAs are very competitive with demographically -similar district schools, it has also indicated a general need for increased student achievement in the areas of second language acquisition as well as core subject areas. The introduction of the New Tech Networks inquiry-based pedagogy and outside reviews by leading language immersion expert, Dr. Myriam Met, has helped the instructional team to take a uniquely objective look at the GVA program.
Some of the key conclusions and recommendations of this process include:
A need for a more engaging, inquiry based instruction; creating a more stimulating, and more impactful approach to classroom teaching.
  • A greater emphasis on early English language learning in grades K through 2.
  • A shift to a richer language immersion model with a greater emphasis on vocabulary and demonstrated written and oral skills that will result in much higher language skills at each grade level
  • The need to strengthen the linkage between standards, instruction, assessment, and curriculum.
Each of these elements is present in some of the nation’s most successful language immersion international schools and are seen by the network’s instructional leaders as essential to dramatically improving the overall performance of Global Village Academies. Therefore implementation of a more engaging, richer GVA program will begin to be implemented in GVAs next fall.