Teacher and Staff Recognition

GVA Aurora
These teachers recently attended a Professional Learning Community Conference in Phoenix last week, taking time away from their families and classrooms. They returned with a fire and passion to implement PLCs and a commitment to continuous improvement for the GVA-Aurora learning community.
  • Mouna Belaabbas
  • Susan Vines
  • Ramsey Ferro
  • Jessica Reynolds
  • Erica Lynn Bolenbaugh
  • Angelica Neyra
  • Leslie Baughman
  • Li Chang Tan
  • Erica Kruger
  • Matt Langley
  • Wenfei Wang
  • Kyle Rebert
  • Jennifer Morrell
GVA Colorado Springs
The Middle School Team was chosen for GVA CS. They have turned things around completely with their middle school students. They work as a team, have consistently high expectations for all students and their efforts have made a huge difference in our overall school climate!
  • Shaunese Deshazer
  • Maira Quinones
  • Satish Ayer
  • Danny Iberri-Shea
  • Peipei Chang 
  • Lety Bravo
GVA Douglas County
GVA Douglas County is happy to congratulate Yanrong Mu. Yanroung is a Kindergarten & 1st grade Mandarin Chinese teacher. She has been instrumental in making the YCT and the HSK assessments available to GVA-DC students. Yanrong is incredibly hard working, takes initiative, builds great relationships and is student centered.
GVA Fort Collins
Katy Murphy was selected at GVA Fort Collins for her outstanding contributions.
Katy always has a positive attitude. She fills in when asked and when she notices a need. She encourages her children to do their best and works with families to help support their children. Thank you Katy!
GVA Northglenn
GVA Northglenn would like to recognize Jessica Bartik. Ms. Jessica is the K-8 STEM teacher at GVA-NG. She comes to school with a smile on her face every day. She does her not so fun extra duties without question (traffic, door greeter, etc...). On top of all this, she makes science fun and exciting for our students. She has a passion for science that is only out-weighed by her passion for (and natural ability to relate to) KIDS! Ms. Jessica came to GVA Northglenn almost by accident a few years ago and has been a GVA-NG staple now for several years. We love Ms. Jessica!