New Things Going on at GVA

GVA Aurora
Before Winter Break, GVA Aurora hosted their first Spaghetti Family Dinner. Different teams of staff, board member and parents competed for the best sauce and families came together to reflect on their hopes for the 2019 school year.
In January, the school held their first Student Success Assembly of the year. Students were recognized for positive behavior, attendance and honor roll. Staff & parents received awards too.
In February, students and staff participated in a free throw contest, followed by a student 3 point contest, and a staff 3 point contest. They ended the night with a GVA All-Star game.
Last week, GVA Aurora celebrated Black History Month with a Friday filled with student assemblies, an engaging evening with special presenters, displays, art and a Taste of Black History.
GVA Colorado Springs
December at GVA Colorado Springs saw the families busy with celebrating International Day Russia and participating in a few fun fundraisers.
In January, some parents and students participated in Care & Share on Martin Luther King Day. This was the latest Service Project that families are invited to be a part of.
The school celebrated Chinese Culture with two activities. On Friday, January 25th, the students and staff were treated to cultural presentations. The next day, they celebrated Chinese New Year with dinner and Lion Dancers.
In February, GVA CS hosted their Annual Math Night. This year's theme was camping and both parents and kids had fun participating in the many games throughout the event. The kids all took home a bag of Smore trail mix and each family received a bag of games that were similar or the same as many of the games they played at the event. 
Congratulations to GVA Colorado Springs for being featured on the FRONT page of the Colorado Springs newspaper, The Gazette. The featured story shared the visit of guests speaking about the life and culture of the Haudenosaunee and Lacrosse. You can read the story here. 
GVA Douglas County
In December, many families at GVA DC participated in Colorado Gives Day, a state wide giving campaign. Many families chose to donate to GVA DC on this day. The school also formed their very first basketball team and celebrated Holidays Around the World with their Annual Bake Sale.
January was exciting for the school's basketball team (and coach!) as they had the opportunity to meet Von Miller, from the Denver Broncos! The students went to practice at a local gym and Miller and others from the Denver Broncos were playing ball on their reserved court. Later on, the Dragons got a surprise visit from Mr. Miller as he came back to their court to acknowledge the hard work of our athletes. With all smiles and envy, he gave a high five to each and every player on the team. He even took a team picture with our Dragons!
In January, Principal Bush was nominated in the 2019 Hall of Fame as School Leader of the Year by Colorado League of Charter Schools.
The middle school students raised an impressive $750 with their Valentine Candy-Gram fundraiser in February. The proceeds will be used towards their class trip. The school launched Sources of Strength this month. It is a best practice youth suicide prevention project designed to harness the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture, ultimately preventing suicide, bullying, and substance abuse.
GVA Fort Collins
December kicked off with a special Holiday Showcase hosted by GVA Fort Collins. The event attracted a variety of vendors including crafters and small businesses. The school also held a holiday shoppe for students and several fun spirit nights.
In January, the school celebrated National School Choice week with Spirit Week. On January 18, Spanish Culture night was celebrated with dancing, singing, reading performed in Spanish. Student artwork was displayed and families enjoyed a potluck dinner.
Parents showed their love for the teachers and staff with a special potluck luncheon on Valentine's Day. On February 22, the Falcon families had a fun and engaging Math night. The school enjoyed sharing math strategies with their families.
GVA Northglenn
December saw families at GVA Northglenn participate in family math game night for students in Kindergarten-5th grade. Their monthly International Day had a fun twist by celebrating holidays in my country. The school band held their winter concert. Before Winter Break, the school had their annual Snuggle In and Read Day. This fun day allowed students (and staff) to wear their pjs to school and embrace literacy.
In January, GVA NG celebrated International Day Egypt, shared information about the 2020 Middle School trips and held their yearly Science Fair.
The school hosted a Valentine Talent Show and fundraiser in February and held their Annual Spelling Bee. There were winners in the English, Spanish, Russian and Mandarin Bees!