Kelly Rossman Named Interim Executive Director

Kelly has served the GVA communities as our Director of Human Resources for the last two years and has quickly established a reputation of fairness, professionalism and and commitment to Global Village Academies. During her time with GVAC, she has developed a deep understanding and passion for education. With her International business background, she understands, firsthand, the impact that language development has on the business world. She is excited to lead the collaborative, support principals and staff, and continue learning about the intricacies of education.
In previous roles, Kelly has been a Human Resources practitioner/manager for 20 years in industries including automotive, healthcare, IT, environmental engineering, and B2B marketing. International HR is a long-time passion of hers, as highlighted by her Master's degree from the University of Denver in Global HR Management. Kelly considers herself a lifetime learner and is a strong proponent of education, both formal and informal.
Outside of work, Kelly enjoys listening to a wide variety of music, attending local concerts, and experiencing the great culture and outdoors of Colorado.