2017-18 Middle School at GVA DC

Therefore, 7th grade students who are currently enrolled at GVA DC are being asked to enroll in their respective home middle schools.  GVA Aurora is accepting any GVA DC 7th student, who would like to continue their immersion program, at their campus. GVA DC will continue to offer innovative language immersion curriculum to grades K-6.
In the coming months, I will work with the GVA DC Board of Directors engaging in strategic planning sessions that will produce goals for the GVA-DC learning community and future Middle School Program.  
Our work will be consistent with the GVA DC Mission:
It is the mission of Global Village Academy that all students will become fluent and literate in English and a second world language, excel academically in core content subjects, and develop 21st century skills, including cross-cultural understandin 
In addition, we will seek to prepare students to transition smoothly and successfully to high school through rigorous curricular experiences and clearly communicated articulation agreements.
I thank you for supporting this endeavor and apologize to the families of current 7th grade students for the inconvenience.  
Stacy Bush
Global Village Academy Douglas County