From the Principal

Beginning Monday, November 27, 2017, Global Village Academy- Douglas County will implement 'share tables' at lunch to keep unwanted lunch food out of the trash. 
Why "Share Tables"
  • As many lunchtime volunteers will tell you, there is a tremendous amount of food that goes directly from the lunch tray into the garbage.  
  • Why is there so much waste? Much of it has to do with guidelines that determine what constitutes a meal.  Under the federal school lunch program, students must take a certain number of items as they go through the cafeteria line, including a fruit or vegetable. But students don't always want everything they've had to take.  
  • In addition, schools must also serve the same size meals to kindergartners, for whom the lunch may be too much, and to much-larger fifth graders, for whom it might not be quite enough.
  • The share table seeks to solve those problems without filling trash cans.
How do "Share Tables" work?? 
  • Students can place any unwanted food that is in a sealed container on the "Share Table", and pick up extras of things they do like.  
  • However, due to state health-code requirements, the "Share Table" cannot accept hot food or food that isn't in sealed containers.
  • Students will be informed about the "Share Table" during morning announcements and again at lunchtime. 
  • A relatively new concept, "Share Tables" is a 2-year-old effort aimed to eliminate food waste and provide extra nutrition to hungrier kids in the cafeteria.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture, which oversees the federal lunch program, endorsed "share tables" as an "innovative strategy" that food service directors should consider in a June 2016 memo.
For more information on "Share Tables" click here. 
Monday, November 27
  • Welcome back!! Share Table Kick-off
  • Fire Drill
Tuesday, November 28
  • Winter MAP Testing
  • Playground Committee Meeting at 5:00 pm
Wednesday, November 29
  • Winter MAP Testing
  • Prospective Parent Meeting at 6:00 pm (Spanish Village)
  • Colonna's Pizza Spirit Night 4:00-6:00 PM
Thursday, November 30
  • Winter MAP Testing
Friday, December 1    
  • Winter MAP Testing
  • Kindness Campaign Kick-off
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