Growing Together Campaign

  • During this campaign we are asking the entire school community to join with us as we responsibly grow GVA-DC. 
  • Charter schools in Douglas County rely heavily on donations and/or fundraisers to meet their budgets, and as we prepare for the launch of the middle school next year this campaign is vital to support that growth.
For more information about how we will be Growing Together at GVA-DC, charter school funding, and a time of Q&A, 
please join us at one of two town halls.
  • March 7 from 8:30-9:30 am  (coffee and breakfast treats will be provided)
  • March 13 from 6:30-7:30 (dessert will be provided, as well as childcare-donations will support the 6th grade outdoor education)  
You may have also noticed five metal flowers have sprouted in the front garden of GVA-DC this week.  
  • These flowers will bloom as we raise money, each petal representing $5,000 donated to the Growing Together campaign.
For more information about the campaign and to support GVA-DC please visit
At this secure location you can make a donation, join our team, and share the story of your child's growth at GVA-DC!