Used Uniform Sale on Friday, May 18

We'll be collecting used uniforms:
  • GVA shirts, sweatshirts, khaki or navy pants, shorts, skirts or dresses.
  • Drop off clean, laundered items to Miss Stefanie at the front desk by no later than Wednesday, MAY 16th.
  • Items should be washed with no holes or stains.
For every item donated, you can collect $2 towards volunteer hours!  
Example: Donate 10 items = $20 = 2 volunteer hours (every $10 donated = 1 volunteer hour)
We can't hold a sale without items, so be sure to get them into Miss Stefanie ASAP. There will be a wide variety of sizes, 
especially with GVA t-shirts. 
Prices will be announced as we get closer to the sale date. 
All proceeds collected will go towards the very first GVA-DC 8th grade International Trip!!!