New Staff Member Spotlight

Teaching is in my genes. My mother, sister, and uncle all earned their keep as teachers. On the wall in my mother’s house is a picture of my great aunt clowning around with Maria Montessori. As teaching is in my genes, my great passion is special education. In the fourth grade, I read a biography of Hellen Keller. From that moment on, she, and her teacher, Annie Sullivan were my heroes. Not long after that, I began to teach myself the manual alphabet and sign language. 
In addition to teaching students with special needs, I have a love for languages and cultures. Although sadly, I never became fluent in any language, I grew up in Holland, and I enjoyed, among other things, trying to translate what I heard on Dutch television. To this day, I like to translate written articles. My interests are what led me to believe that Global Village Academy was exactly the right fit for me. 
I have been a teacher for a long time. After graduating from high school at the American School of The Hague, I received my Bachelor’s degree in elementary education from The University of Houston in 1980. I taught in Houston for about 8 years, before moving to Colorado in 1989, where I got my Master’s at the University of Colorado, Denver. Now, almost 30 years later, my husband and I have raised three wonderful girls, and I have enjoyed a wonderful career. I am not finished yet. This will be my first year teaching in a charter school with a focus on languages. I am very excited for this amazing opportunity, to teach and to learn.