From the Principal

Morning Meeting
Beginning Monday, October 15th, students will report directly to classrooms in the morning following drop-off. Parents, please do not accompany students to classrooms! This week we will have staff members in the front hall way directing students. Morning meetings will resume after middle school classes have been moved to the modular. Mrs. Bush will make daily announcements at 8:10 am. 
Indoor Lunch
With cooler weather in the forecast, we need to prepare for eating lunch in classrooms. To assist with students purchasing hot lunch, Nicole/Theresa will be stationed at the bottom of the east stairwell, one adult will be assisting in the cafeteria line, and one or more adults will be upstairs near classrooms. Additional trash bins will be placed throughout the building to accommodate the extra trash. Once students are finished with lunch they will be dismissed for their regularly scheduled recess. 
Have a great Week!!!
Stacy Bush
Principal, GVA Douglas County