Global Village Academies

Coach Chris' Corner

In November, Basketball Month, K-2 worked on different types of jumping, hopping, and leaping. They also got a chance to practice dribbling and passing a basketball. Third through fifth grades finished up the month with 5 v. 5 basketball tournaments and I stressed passing and team work before shooting. We finished the basketball unit with an NBA All-Star Basketball Skills Challenge.
In December, Hockey Month, 1st and 2nd had the opportunity to learn some hockey skills with some foam hockey paddles and dodge balls. We’ve worked on ball control, passing, scoring, and played some games to end the unit. Kindergarten reviewed some games we played earlier in the year like “Perfect Pass”, “Flip the Hoop”, and “Pop the Bubble” which worked on both underhand and overhand throwing to a target. We also had a Hula Hoop day and learned different ways to handle, throw, and spin the hoop. 3rd – 5th worked on the same hockey skills with a plastic hockey stick and whiffle ball. We just finished up a week of hockey games and ended the month with some Christmas themed games before the break.
Coming up in January and the following couple months we’ll start a series of paddle/net type sports such as Paddle Ball, Badminton, Volleyball, and an intro to Lacrosse with Scoop Ball equipment .
I had a lot of fun with the kids at the skating party before break. Glad to see many of you there!