Coach Chris' Corner

In February, we concluded our net sports unit.  
Third through fifth did a week of badminton skills, followed by a week of games. Following that, we did a week of volleyball skills, then a week of games. Badminton went REALLY well. I was surprised at how fast and easy it came for most of them. If you’re looking for some spring time family fun, pick up a badminton set and let your child show you how to play. Volleyball was a different story. I’m learning things as a new P.E. teacher, and now I know volleyball is very difficult for elementary aged kids.  First and second grades did a week of basketball skills, followed by a week of more throwing games. Following that, we did an intro to volleyball skills with balloons.  Kindergarten also tried out some basic volleyball type skills with balloons. We also did some juggling scarves and stations, parachute games, and Battleship.
Coming up in March, we will introduce lacrosse skills. 
We’ll start with Scoop Ball for first through fifth, and depending on how well things go, we can bring out the lacrosse gear. At some point in March or April, third through fifth will do a ¾ mile run. Our goal is to build up to a mile by the end of the year. If your child has any health issues in which you may think this could be a problem, please let me know. For Kindergarten, we’re going to re-introduce some soccer skills.